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for Professional & Personal Growth

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REN Summer Seminars


Go to the Top! Lead with Competence, Confidence & Passion!

- Bestseller -

Learn how to be not only a good leader but the very best. Learn to demonstrate excellence in everything you are doing. Transform yourself, your team and your business.

EUR 1950 - 3 days


Transform Yourself!

Success is a choice. Your choice! This is why we will help you transforming yourself, your mindset, your attitude, your work ethics and how you do things. One of the most critical courses for any effective leader.

EUR 1300 - 2 days


Successful Leadership

Being a successful leader means you have a vision and a plan what to do and how to implement it. Success is not happening by chance. Become an inspiring leader that makes other follow you!

EUR 1950 - 3 days


Communicate Effectively

In order to achieve your goals you need to be able to communicate effectively your ideas and thoughts. Being an outstanding communicator will make a difference - will turn you into a competent & top leader.

EUR 1300 - 2 days


Manage People Effectively

Bring your team to the top! Learn how to manage people in a competent, caring and professional way. Find your own authentic management style. Experience the difference!

EUR 1950 - 3 days


Professional Success & Personal Growth

In this innovative program, we will help you identify measurable professional and personal goals and objectives and accompany you to achieve them. Only limited seats left!

EUR 1300 - 2 days


Personal Coaching to Success

31 May 2017

Receive 25 sessions of personal (individual) coaching to identify your way to success! 

Who should register for this unique program? professionals and managers with more than 3 years experience.

EUR 3500 - 25 sessions

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REN Summer Programs

Tailor-made Short Courses

All REN-Summer Courses are 2 or 3-days intensive programs for professionals and managers.

They can be customized and combined. 

Knowledge is Power

  • Comprehensive business and management knowledge is opening the door for a successful career

  • Innovative communication skills is enhancing your networking abilities, teamwork effectiveness and leadership abilities

Delivering True Excellence

  • All our courses are being taught by leading and highly experienced experts.

  • All our instructors have a Ph.D. degree in their respective fields in addition to intensive practical and professional experience.

  • REN - Your Path to Excellence!

REN International

The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera

Leadership Through Transformation


REN International - the Global Leadership Institute -  is committed to ensure true leadership through transformation. Helping organizations and individuals to promote leadership is at the core of our mission.


Today, leadership is more than just the competence of a few selected managers. Today, leadership is a qualification that cannot be learned early enough.

Today, leadership is a skills that has to be developed continuously.

Today, it is important to find the right partner.


Today, you should choose REN International.

Who should attend? 


- professionals of all industries and sectors

- middle managers from the business as well as the public sector 

- all individuals who strive for outstanding leaderships skills to succeed in their chosen career and/or planning to change career




- Certificate of Attendance

- REN Certificate of Competence (after successful completion of the program)

REN International

An Exceptional EXPERIENCE

We have the know-how you need.

Choose the Best - Choose REN

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