REN Executive Leadership Conference 2016


"Inspiring People"

REN Executive Leadership Conference

'Lead Through Professionalism' 

REN Institute of Management and Education

7-8 April 2016
Nice (Côte d'Azur, South of France)
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"Key for Success: Practicing Accountability"  

Reconciling Visions and Practices of Leadership.
Adapting to the Present. Preparing for the Future.

Join us at the REN Executive Leadership Conference on April 7-8, 2016 in Nice (Côte d'Azur, South of France).

The REN Executive Conferences are designed to bring together leaders, executives, professionals and visionaries to analyze current leadership theories and practices and to develop potential solutions to inspire, lead and guide the next generation of leaders. 


The REN Executive Conferences are attended by presidents, CEOs, directors and managers of all levels from multinational companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs as well as small businesses.

Accountability in leadership studies has been discussed for long.  Applications have often and sometimes only focused on the responsibility of the leader to be responsible and answerable for her/his actions and of the organization itself. To this extent, the concept of 'accountability' has been limited to the the duties and obligations of leaders. 

Less attention has been given to the aspect of considering 'accountability' as a practical approach to inspire, involve and empower people and teams. In order for that to happen successful leaders have to demonstrate a high level of visionary leadership, positivity and commitment to building relationships based on trust. 

The REN Executive Leadership Conference is bringing together leaders from around the world to identify and discuss these challenges while, simultaneously, dicussing how practicising efficiently accountabilitlity can be considered a key for success - personal as well as organizational. "Lead Through Professionalism"

  • Exclusive networking event 

  • Meet with international executives, professionals and leaders

  • Visit and explore one of the world's top 10 destinations for international business tourism - the Côte d'Azur in the South of France

  • Apply and book the REN Executive Leadership Experience program to become part of the 'REN World'.

  • Limited Seats Only.

1-3 participants: $2,500/person
4-6 participants: $2,275/person
7-10 participants: $2,075/person
11-15 participants: $1,825/person
16+ participants: $1,575/person


Additional Discounts: Early Bird Discounts of 15% apply on all registration BEFORE 1 March 2016.

Hotel rooms are not included in the conference fee.



Full conference registration fee must be paid at the time of the registration. No registrations will be accepted after 15 April 2016. 

Payment can be made by Cheque (payable to REN International) or bank transfer at least 30 days before the event.Your booking will only be secured upon REN International receiving payment. We have a limited number of places available. Please book early to avoid disappointment. If we have not received full payment 30 days prior to the event, we reserve the right to offer your place to those on the waiting list. All prices are exclusive of any applicable local taxes.


Joining Instructions

Venue information will be sent to delegates by e-mail prior to the seminar. Please ensure you provide your current e-mail address on your booking form.



If you are unable to attend, cancellations must be made in writing (an e-mail is acceptable). An administrative charge of $350 applies to all cancellations. If you cancel after 15 March 2016 you will incur a 100% charge - the same applies to 'no-shows'. These cancellation terms also apply to all bookings made within 15 working days of the event. It is the delegate’s responsibility (or their representative’s) to ensure all travel arrangements and time away from work have been agreed and are in place prior to making the booking.

If the event cannot take place because of force majeure or for good cause (e.g. because of illness of the speaker or insufficient number of delegates), the delegates shall be informed immediately. The event fee shall in this case be fully refunded. No claims beyond this shall be entertained, especially for reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs and lost working time. 

REN International reserves the right to replace advertised speakers by others and to make necessary changes to the event programme, preserving the overall character of the event.