'REN Smart Entrepreneur' PROGRAM 

5-days Intensive Program

in Nice at the prestigious French Riviera in the South of France

  • Dynamic and High-Performance Program for new, growing and high-potential entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • We will bring you and your business to the “The Next Level”!

  • Do not miss out to participate in this 5-days world-class program at the prestigious French Riviera at the South of France

  • REN International's coaches, instructors and tutors have all PhD qualifications, outstanding teaching and coaching experience and are highly experienced professionals with REAL business experience to ensure top competitive content and privileged personal service


2017 Course Dates

20 - 24 March 2017

24 - 28 April 2017


Program Overview

  • We help you find solutions for the most critical business questions: (1) How to grow your business (2) How to find and sell to new markets and customers

  • Learn how to position yourself for success & become more professional and excellent through raising your standards

  • Analyze and assess your structure, capabilities and processes to maximize your value!

  • How to implement quality management - Your Way to Excellence

  • Optimize your strategy and execution

  • Transform your SOCIAL MEDIA strategy and learn to pursue a winning positioning strategy!

  • Develop powerful and highly-effective business, management, communication skills and advanced marketing management know-how

  • Receive exclusive, sophisticated and innovative "Future Success Coaching", best-practice examples and tutoring sessions for all stages and needs of your organization

  • Our clients from all around the world are successful small and medium sized organization who want to develop and grow their business, their team and themselves continuously.

  • Grow Professionally and Personally with Powerful and High-Impact Training Solutions

  • Highly Professional and Successful Instructors with REAL business experience

  • Dynamic and Effective Actions plans for immediate implementation at the workplace

What you will get


REN International

A high-impact training and development institution at the beautiful French Riviera in the South of France

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REN International


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