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REN International - the Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera

REN International is a successful international LEARNING, TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT institute located at the beautiful French Riviera, the Côte d’Azur, in the South of France.

✔︎ CORPORATE TRAINING - Delivering High-Impact Training & Development Programs in areas such as Organizational Development, Strategy, Leadership, Talent Management, Strategic Marketing, Management and Business, Communication


✔︎ EXECUTIVE COACHING - Coaching & Mentoring of executives, senior managers and professionals with the goal to bring people to “The Next Level”

✔︎ LEADERSHIP - Powerful and High-Impact Leadership workshops and seminars to develop leadership skills and upgrade leadership competences

✔︎ MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - Strategic and Tactical Consulting Services to develop and implement dynamic high-performance strategies to improve an organization’s structure, organization and operations

✔︎ SMART ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY - Entrepreneurial Consulting, Start-up Coaching and Strategy Optimization

✔︎ COMMUNITY - REN is offering public courses for individuals to improve themselves, discover new talents and become more successful. 

✔︎ MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION - Lifestyle Coaching, Mentoring, Development, Talent Development, Skills training and career success pedagogy

We have been training, coaching and mentoring successfully CORPORATE & INDIVIDUAL clients from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. 

- “REN Coaching for Success Program" (CSP®) 
- "REN Leadership Excellence Program" (LEP®)


REN Corporate Training Solutions (for companies): www.ren-international.com/ren-coporate-training
REN Educational Programs (for individuals): www.ren-international.com/ren-shop
REN Smart Entrepreneur Academy (for entrepreneurs&small businesses): www.ren-international.com/ren-entrepreneur

Contact us: info@ren-international.com

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REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera

Managing Director / CEO: Dr. Sabine H. HOFFMANN.

REN International is located in Nice (FRANCE).

Tribunal de grande instance de Nice - Place du Palais 06357 - Nice Cedex 4

TVA Identification Number: FR 96 817724966.

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