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Become a Leadership Coach


Start your coaching business today and learn to advise entrepreneurs, managers and executives! We help you become a highly successful leadership coach who will help others to learn and apply leadership skills.


**Why should you become a leadership coach?**

  • Get paid to help others to become successful leaders
  • Become a sought-after leadership coach
  • Position yourself as an expert and help others to perform, lead and manage better
  • Help entrepreneurs, managers and executives to reach their leadership potential
  • Enjoy a rewarding and profitable career


We help you start and grow your own highly successful coaching business!



Program Details

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Venue: Nice (French Riviera)

**Limited seats only!**


Your Benefits
- Certificate of Attendance
- Complete Training Manual

(Course fee does NOT include accommodation, transport or meals)

REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera - is the premium international expert for personal and professional development.

REN - Become a Leadership Coach

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