" Excellence in People Development "


" Excellence in People Education "

REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera

REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera
REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera
REN Professional Development Solutions
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REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera
"Success is a Strategy"


REN International - The Global Leadership Institute at the French Riviera
REN Corporate Training
Delivering Excellence &
Innovation in Professional Development
REN Leadership Excellence
Program (LEP®)
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The people solutions able to transform

people and businesses

Exclusive Premium Learning Solutions

Innovative, competent and efficient learning expertise strengthened by practical knowledge leading to growth-oriented results.

Excellence in Superior Customer Orientation

We are offering customized programs and courses for our corporate as well as individual clients. REN is fully dedicated to deliver a first class customer experience.

International Training,

Teaching & Coaching Solutions 

Highly qualified international experts are providing professional and competent needs analysis as well as customized solutions for your personal and professional success.

REN Premium Solutions

REN Corporate Solutions


  • REN Corporate Training Programs

  • REN Custom-made Training Courses

  • REN Leadership Workshops

  • REN Professional Coaching Program

  • REN Acceleration | Customized Short Courses


REN Consulting


is offering consulting, knowledge and services to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, development,  satisfaction of people and leaders to help the business to grow and compete sustainable.

REN-Life Solutions


We are offering professional mentoring and coaching programs for individuals and groups to accompany people through life, business and personal development decisions and challenges. 


  • REN-Life Coaching

  • REN-Life Changing

  • REN-Life Success






REN Educational Programs


We are committed to delivering program excellence in all our educational programs. We accomplish this by

  • providing cutting-edge, innovative and competitive curriculum

  • delivering highest academic and professional quality standards

  • employing highly qualified academics and executives with competitive real-world experience and comprehensive international expertise and practical knowledge

  • offering flexibility and customization in the construction of programs to fit your needs and schedule


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Nice (France)

Côte d'Azur - South of France

‘Inspiring People’ ®

REN International

  • REN International is an exclusive and unique 'people' consultancy and 'people' training and education provider with business activities and experiences in Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe. We are located at the beautiful French Riviera, the Côte d'Azur in the South of France.


  • REN is encouraging the public, individuals, students and business travellers to explore their potential, gain knowledge, develop their talents, prepare a career change, improve the quality of life and, importantly, enjoy learning! We are offering business, management, leadership, communication, self-development courses as well as our successful REN-Life Solutions to coach you to success and the fulfillment of your dreams!


  • REN is specialized in consulting & corporate training in the areas of organizational development, change management, higher education, workforce development, leadership, relationship management, marketing, people skills development, personal and inter-personal effectiveness and communication. We create value through tapping in the full potential of companies and employees.


  • REN is also offering high-quality services to analyze, improve and develop companies, employees and individuals. REN is collaborating closely with its clients to be able to deliver efficient, innovative and growth-oriented results.



REN Training & Development Solutions

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Exclusive Solutions for corporations , individuals, students, business travellers - for people who want to shape their future! Positively, Absolutely!



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